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Optimizing Office Performance

Welcome Lease+Loan Master Customers

Thank you for visiting our website. Mars offers the very best in Oki products and services.

Together with Lease+Loan Master Oki has developed a special driver that can be used for the long forms required by many agencies.

Two of the featured printers are the Oki ML420 and the Oki ML320T.

Mars has been able to attain special pricing for Lease+Loan Master customers on these products. To place your order call us at 800-314-6277 M-F 8:00-4:30pm PST.

The Oki ML420, with a 3 year warranty, is normally $471, but for the Lease+Loan Master accounts is only $399.00.

Extra ribbons are part# 42377801

The Oki ML320T, with a 1 year warranty, is normally $429, for the the Lease+Loan Master customers is only $379.00.

Extra ribbons are part# 52102001

Customer Service is available at 800-314-6277 M-F 8:00-4:30pm PST